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13. Tech

Munich Makeover

How old Bavaria learned a few new tricks.

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Open Sesame

Swipe it, eye it, finger it. We’ve got the lock on the latest ways to open your hotel room.

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Auto Focus

Get the inside track on Italy’s legendary dream-machines.

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Chip Off the Old Bloc

Berlin is putting the wall back together again.

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Back to the Future

Rome wasn’t built in a day –- but you can rebuild the ancient metropolis at the touch of a button.

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Nokia to iPhone: Go Take a Hike

A digital mapping revolution is bringing GPS out of the car and onto the sidewalk.

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The New Northern Lights

Stockholm’s hottest hotel room lets you customize your surroundings according to your mood.

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All That You Can’t Leave Behind

Though Mac says thinner is better, the real traveler’s laptop is lighter than Air.

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Drop in, Tune Out, Log On

Get yourselves connected — while being pampered.

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Parklife: Manhattan-Style

The Art-Deco diamond of Central Park South regains its lustre.

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Red All Over

High-tech Virgin America is ready for take-off.

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Inside Story: A380

Qantas gives the luxe lowdown on the newest — and biggest — bird in its fleet.

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