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January 21, 2008

All That You Can’t Leave Behind

Though Mac says thinner is better, the real traveler’s laptop is lighter than Air.

Forget Apple’s new MacBook Air — it may be the world’s slimmest notebook but it’s Fujitsu’s crazy-small, twistable laptop, the LifeBook U810, that’s a traveler’s dream. Only 1.5 pounds (half the weight of Air, by the way), the new LifeBook has been updated with integrated cellular broadband, ensuring lightening-quick uploads and downloads no matter where you are. In fact, it may be the only laptop that gets you online in the backcountry with nary a Starbucks in sight.

The LifeBook hits the market in March, but it just debuted along with a glut of other globetrotting gizmos at the Vatican-sized Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Also stealing the spotlight was the Voltaic Generator, which goes on sale this spring. No, it won’t beam you up, Scotty — it’s billed as the first solar-cell messenger bag powerful enough to charge a laptop. And while you’re deep in the hinterland, you’ll also want the SPOT Satellite Messenger, a GPS-enabled position tracker (available now) that allows your loved ones (or your probation officer) to keep tabs on your travels. If all goes wrong: just send an SOS to local emergency units at the touch of a button.

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