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April 18, 2012

Hemingway, The Hotel: Coming to a City Near You

A new brand of hotels celebrates America’s hard-drinking, tough-talking, women-chasing laureate.

If there’s one name hotels like to tout, it’s Earnest Hemingway. Hemingway stayed here. Hemingway drank at our bar. Hemingway decked a doorman at our local brothel…

But for the first time, there will be an entire hotel brand created in Hemingway’s honor — it’s even been sanctioned by the author’s estate and family.

The newly announced Hemingway Hotels & Resorts is set to develop a group of properties that embrace the spirit and lifestyle of the intrepid writer. Expect locations that are linked to Hemingway’s life, like Key West and Idaho (not the most adventurous, sure, but it’s where he died). However, a recent press release is quick to note that locations will also be considered that offer the same “lifestyle opportunity for an adventure” as the places Hemingway visited. Iowa get ready.

Restaurants will be of paramount importance too (this is the author of A Moveable Feast, after all) and, naturally, bars. Each hotel, according to brand founder Tuckey Devlin, will have “the best damn bar anywhere,” and will serve Hemingway’s favorite libations. Reportedly that includes everything from daiquiris and mojitos to martinis and absinthe — they should be very well-stocked bars.

And of course there will be outdoor adventures and cultural activities like book readings and Hemingway tours. Each hotel will have a library.

The brand plans to include newly constructed and converted properties, and will be managed by Trust Hospitality (whose sizable portfolio so far peaks at The Mave in New York and the Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee).

The spirit of Hemingway — something Clive Owen will also seek to capture as Papa himself in an upcoming HBO film — will even seep down into the staff itself: The brand ensures the staff “will follow a strict code of conduct like the heroes in Hemingway’s fiction…guided by a strong moral compass.”

Aspiring heroes need only apply.

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